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Below is a list of the guidelines for submitting a design entry for the NMQA Balloon Quilt.

  • The design contest is open to current NMQA members, amateur or professional. 
  • Non-members must become a member to enter the contest.
  • The winning Designer will construct and/or lead the Design Committee.  
  • Your design must be original or an adaptation of a traditional pattern. It must be hot air balloon related.
  • The design (or anything included on the quilt) must not have been previously depicted in fabric or on previous Balloon quilts, or any other published, copywritten media.
  • The design must be for a one-sided quilt that is at least 72” x 72” but no larger than 80” x 96” and may be horizontal or vertical.  The size must be included with your submission.
  • The design must contain at least 30, but not more than 60 balloons. Those shown on the design entry may or may not be particular balloons, but the general size and placement of all balloons must be shown on the entry.
  • The presentation of the design must be in color (e.g., pencils, crayons, markers, paints) with a detailed description of the concept of the completed quilt and the name of the quilt.
  • Entrants may enter as many designs as they wish.  Each entry must be submitted separately no later than the May NMQA Membership meeting. It may be submitted by mail to NMQA Balloon Quilt Design Contest, Attn: Balloon Fiesta Committee, P.O. Box 37133, Albuquerque, NM 87176-7133 or a sealed envelope hand delivered to the Balloon Fiesta Committee.  A completed Design Entry Submission form must accompany each design. 
  • All entries become the property of NMQA and will not be returned. NMQA has the right to reject any design.
  • Judging will be done by the members of the Balloon Fiesta Committee/ Major Fundraiser using the following criteria:
        • Innovation/originality of design.
        • Visual impact/overall appearance.
        • Balance of design elements.
        • Use of color.
        • Suitability of Balloon Fiesta theme.
        • Convertibility to fabric product.
  • The winner will be contacted by phone, email and/or mail. An announcement will be made at the June Membership meeting and in the Quilters Quill. Others who submit entries will be notified individually at the same time as the winner.
  • The winner will sign the Winning Designer Agreement along with the Balloon Fiesta Committee Chair.  The designer will then be awarded $150.00 and will become the Chair of the NMQA Balloon Construction Committee which is a subcommittee of the Balloon Fiesta Committee/Major Fundraiser.  


A summary timeline is below.  A detailed timeline is also available.

March Current Year

May Current Year

June Current Year

July - Dec Current Year

August Current Year

January Current Year + 1

May - July Current Year + 1

Call for entries

Design Entrees Must be submitted by the May Membership Meeting

Winning Design Announced

Begin work on Quilt.   Finalize the design.  Find a Longarm quilter and lock in the date for August of the following year.  Begin work on the background of the quilt.

The fabric tubs will be passed to you from the designer completing the previous year's top.

Choose balloons.  Balloon Kits will be ready for the January Guild meeting for the members to take home and construct the balloons. 

As the balloons are completed and returned, you can begin laying out where the balloons will be placed on the background.

July Current Year + 1

August Current Year + 1

September - Oct Current Year + 1

November Current Year + 1

January Current Year + 2

Jan - Sept Current Year + 2

September Current Year + 2

October Current Year + 2

Prepare instructions for longarm quilter

Deliver completed Top with Backing and the ‘Quilt Map’ to the Longarm quilter.  

Prepare Label, Binding and Hanging sleeve 

Complete quilt; Deliver finished quilt to photographer

Reveal quilt at January Guild meeting

Raffle ticket sales and marketing

Enter quilt in NM State Fair

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta; raffle drawing held the last day of the event

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